Awesomenauts Creator Ronimo Releases Patch 1.20.0

New Awesomenauts Character: Ayla

Last week, Ronimo Games, creator of Awesomenauts, released a patch which introduced a new character: Ayla. The new character is a young girl with telekinetic powers. Voice acting for Ayla is done by Ashly Burch, known for voicing Tiny Tina in the game Borderlands 2, as well as for her Youtube channel “Hey Ash, Watcha Playin’?

Along with the new hero, Ronimo has also released two new skins for the character: Teddy and Shaolin Ayla.

Ayla has the following abilities:

Evil Eye – Shoots a bolt of telekinetic energy at her opponents. The lower HP Ayla has, the more damage is dealt by this ability. Along with the usual upgrades to reduce cooldown, increase damage, etc, this ability also has an upgrade called Jail Food which adds a damage-over-time effect to Evil Eye.

Rage – Ayla gains the ability to fly around the map with a large AOE spell that damages enemies while giving Ayla a lifesteal effect.

Chain Whack – Ayla’s regular attack is a short-range melee attack

Along with the release of Ayla, this patch also signifies the start of a new Season for the Awesomenauts Leaderboard, along with a number of minor balance changes. Along with the original patch, so far two additional hotfixes have been added to fix issues with the original patch: Namely a glitch that made the character Clunk nearly invulnerable. However, even after two hotfixes people are still experiencing issues, such as Genji’s monarch blessing ability no longer healing himself.

The introduction of Ayla has been highly controversial, with a large portion of the community claiming the character is very overpowered. Other players claim she is “the most balanced character to date.” Some adjustments proposed by the community include reducing her move speed during Rage, and removing the lifesteal effect of Rage by default.

Full patch notes for 1.20 and hotfixes are available in this post on the official Awesomeanuts forum


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