Arena Of Heroes Goes Open Beta on Patch 1.31


Patch 1.31 has an enormous performance and visual upgrade that cannot be fully explained in line-by-line notes. We have simultaneously increased all resolution by 200% and decreased performance requirements. Basically, the game will now look and run much better.

Patch 1.31 Notes

Performance Upgrades

  • Performance and visuals have been upgraded.
  • Resolution for all textures has been doubled.
  • CPU issues some players experienced has been fixed.

New Skins

  • Hillbilly Max is now available.

User Interface

  • Battle HUD has been changed.
  • Client HUD has been changed.

Asynchronous Mode

  • Timing issues on Reactives during Asynch playback has been fixed.
  • Games on the Continue tab will no longer display negative turn timers.
  • Camera lock on playback in Async games has been fixed.
  • Hero Death to Creeping Death now shows in Playback properly.

Bug Fixes

  • Insecticept has been fixed and reactivated.
  • Shield Stance now triggers properly.
  • Infinite ‘Loading’ bug has been fixed.


To create an account, go to
To download the game, go to arenaofheroes/download/



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