ArcheBlade Launches Indiegogo Campaign

20130911024732-titleimgArcheBlade Launches Indiegogo Campaign

Few days ago CodeBrush launched a funding project for their first game “Archeblade”. The game is currently free to play and can be found from steam. Although their efforts to make the game great, only 1.5% of the user base is buying DLC Content. For that reason they are seeking more funding to provide more content for the game (Heroes, Maps, Modes, Better matchmaking and other features).

Check out the funny promotional video here:

If you fund the project (the goal is 80,000$) you will gain special perks, similarly to Kickstarter, i will break down all the perks down below. Official donating/Indiegogo page can be found from here:

I have to say many of these perks look really nice such as designing your own character to the game. Since i’m huge MOBA enthusiastic i hope people will help to fund this project. This game has great potential to be really good in future, if they get better content.




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