Archeblade Closing Down Probably


Archeblade Closing Down Probably

Dear all,

First of all, thank you all for playing ArcheBlade. Without your support we wouldn’t have gotten where we are now, and you have given us many great memories.

Unfortunately we have bad news to share with you.

Being an indie studio, we have never been in a good situation financially, and it did not get any better as time went. The official release was our last shot to turn things around revamping our monetization system at the official launch.

We had a series of serious discussions here at Codebrush Games looking for any way to keep going with this project but looking at our performance so far after the official release, things don’t look very promising to us. It will require us to increase our sales by many folds just to survive, and considering the game’s monetization system and the company’s limited financial resources, the odds do not appear to be in our favor.

We decided that the only solution available for us is to put the game’s whole operation on hold, and downsize the staff. We don’t have a definite future plan at the moment after this project but we will keep you posted. To be clear, putting the game on hold means the followings.

– There will be no more updates/customer support.
– We will stop saving customer data base.
– However your Steam stats will remain.
– Also the game will remain playable on Steam
– The servers hosted by Codebrush will close, however users will still be able to host servers.

This may come as devastating for all you Archebladers, and we sincerely apologize for this. However we’re afraid that that seems to be the only option available to us.

This will definitely affect all of you who invested in the game, but we will not let your support go to waste and will do our best to compensate your investment in the game. (We will make another announcement as to how we will compensate you so please stay tuned.)

A patch is coming soon after this announcement, so it would be great if you could take your time to read the following details.

– GEMs will no longer be purchasable on the Shop.
– Booster items will no longer be purchasable on the Shop

All our staff at Codebrush Games sincerely thank you for staying with us all this time, and we apologize for this sudden news.

We hope we will see you guys again in the future.
Codebrush Games



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