ArcheBlade – The Bridge Released

131121_update_titleArcheBlade – The Bridge Released

Yesterday the Patch Version was released on Steam, this update contains some balance changes, The New Map Bridge, changes to items and Bug fixes. To see full details of the patch please check out them below.

Consumable items

– Reduced the costs to equip items as below. The prices at the shop stay unchanged.
HP Potion: 15 Meceta
SP Potion: 15 Meceta
RP Potion: 15 Meceta
Purification Potion: 10 Meceta
– Adjusted the usage limit for some items as below.
RP Potion: Up to two RP potions can be used in a match.
Purification: Up to two PP potions can be used in a match.

The Leaderboard

– The Leaderboard will reset today.
– Please be aware that it will reset every third Wednesday at 08:00 PST from now on.


– You can now see your portrait in The Leaderboard.


– Optimized some UIs that slowed down the performance.



  • LLR combo now connects.


  •   Slightly reduced the speed of L.
  •   Increased the speed of R.
  •   Slightly reduced the speed of JR, making it harder to target.


Bugs fixed

– Hyde stayed invisible throughout match if captured a base while in the invisible mode.
– Hyde’s Power R missing some visual effects.
– Consumable items auto-equipped in next game, even after unequipped previously.
– When there was only a few Meceta left, unselected items showed up as equipped.
– Characters not owned showed up as selectable in certain situations.
– Meceta was given when a character’s rank went up.

To Start Playing ArcheBlade, visit this page and download it –



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