AirMech Patchnotes: Nov. 9, 2013


AirMech Version 20718.0

It’s Mechs-giving! Classic items such as the Feather Headdress and Pumpkin Pie return for Thanksgiving, along with new cosmetics such as the Royal Turkey.

Aside from a lot of gobbling (by the turkey and on the turkey), this patch introduces significant changes to AirMech that affect both V1 and V2 rules. The developers have made these changes as a part of their grand experiment that ultimately will lead to the merging of V1 and V2. Here are the most significant changes:

The Power bar has been completely removed! That’s right, Power is completely gone now. But never fear, the Unit Cap has made it’s triumphant return, and is now better than ever before! Capturing outposts and building Generators will raise your unit cap. This essentially retains the balancing properties of the Power system while being quite a lot less annoying, not to mention simplifying the game so that the learning curve is less harsh on new players.

There is a new armor system! Now units are assigned an armor number rather than an armor type. Their weapon also has a number according to its power. If Armor is greater than Weapon, then the unit will receive a damage bonus, while if Weapon is greater than Armor, then it will not receive a damage bonus. This new system also allows for new debuff possibilities such as Flamer reducing an enemy’s Armor.

The devs have also implemented their version of a tech tree system, which isn’t fully implemented but is placed on units such as the Goliath as a way to test the new system. Essentially, having a unit that was previously locked by in-match XP is now locked by Tech level. Clicking on the unit in the build menu will allow the player (provided they have the resources) to build a Tech unit that will add 1 to their Tech level. These Tech units are far from vulnerable, especially because they gain a large amount of armor when placed on a pad, but if destroyed or sold they will reduce Tech level by 1. This allows players to harass their opponents even further and potentially prevent an enemy team from producing Super units such as the Goliath, Bertha, and Brute.

Duel is now V2 by default. Also, the V2 rules have been altered slightly according to user feedback, for starters: orbs on the top of bases have been replaced by a bar, resources are no longer limited, and lockboxes spawn in sooner.

Overall, this patch, while still highly experimental, is ushering major changes to the fundamentals of AirMech which could hopefully fix major issues players have been having with the game overall. Keep up the good work, Carbon!


  • New Armor and Weapon Damage System
  • New Thanksgiving limited time items
  • Tech-Tree has been added. Some units will require a Tech Unit be purchased in-game before they can be built
  • Duel is now V2 rules
  • Ultimate Boomer is released!
  • In game UI has been updated (remove Power, improve Fortress health display)
  • Search boxes were added to the Loadout Selection Menus
  • The robot mode of the Saucer has been updated
  • New animations for the Saucer Death ray ability
  • Updated localizations with the latest suggestions from the Steam Translation Server

Bug Fixes:

  • Bug fix for the Bomber’s head not showing up when using hat flair
  • Bug fix for tooltips and unit preview icons sometimes displaying on the loading screen
  • Lots of bug fixes for the behavior of Assassin

Balance Changes:

  • Lockboxes in V2 now first spawn 5 minutes into the game
  • Everything for units, as significant balance changes were needed to transition from Power to the Unit Cap and the new Armor/Weapon values

Known Issues:

  • Brute was not updated to use the Tech Tree system yet
  • Extended UI not done (display of time is missing)

Writer’s Thoughts

I really like the direction that Carbon is taking the game. Although this patch has quite a few things in it that breaks the game, it does have the right idea. I especially love the Unit Cap’s return, as the Power system was always really annoying for me. The new Thanksgiving cosmetics are good, they certainly add to those which already exist.

Along the major changes, I also appreciate the smaller updates. The new Saucer robot form model is a subtle change, but makes it that much more awesome. The new Deathray model and animation is a very nice touch.

Hopefully Carbon can balance the new changes, and continue with their grand experiment to improve AirMech. Keep aiming for the sky!



InvaderMEEN is newer to the scene of moba games, and although he enjoys playing titles such as AirMech, Awesomenauts, and League of Legends, he isn't terribly good at them. He also is a YouTuber who enjoys posting content frequently. Outside of the moba genre he is a jack-of-all-trades gamer who plays a wide variety of genres, from shooters like Warframe and Battlefield 3 to creative games like Minecraft and Terraria.

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