AirMech Patchnotes – 9/14/13

AirMech Patchnotes 9/14/13


AirMech Version 19454

The AirMech Moon Festival has returned again! This time, it has some fun new tweaks that accommodate the changes that have happened to the game in the past year since the first Moon Festival.

Some experienced players may remember that the Mooncake Item was the very first thing that let you “share cakes”. Then they added it to the cake/pie pets and now the devs wanted a proper Mooncake pet too! The cake sharing quest rules have been changed as well, so now multiple cake pets count as well. If you complete the first two cake quests, it will unlock a new cake quest that gives you 500 diamonds!

New Book of Tax Shelters are dropping, which reduce market tax by 1% permanently. They work similarly to the Book of Econ items.

This update also includes the epic-looking Gothic Paladin, UI graphics updates, a mysterious Experimental Fuel item, and of course bug fixes. Happy Moon Festival everyone!

  • New Paladin variant: Gothic PaladinĀ 

    Mooncake, the original Cake!
  • New Cake: Mooncake! The original cake is back!
  • Moon Rabbit returns for the Moon Festival!
  • Tax Books (set of 3) can be found to reduce Market Tax rate
  • Default market listing diamond prices to shop price
  • Yummy Cake stacks, new Cake quest
  • added Outlined Mouse Cursor game option
  • Neutral Lockboxes now give 30,000 Credits
Bug Fixes
  • Fix for Sergeant on V2 outposts (don’t attract infantry)
  • Fixed Drop Boost UI display bug
  • Fixed bug with neutral Vault Box draining outpost bulbs if it’s damaged
Writer’s Thoughts

I love the new Mooncake pet! I participated in last year’s Moon Festival as a wee noobling, and remember being confused about the cake-sharing quest, but loving the experience.

This update also settles my only beef with the market tax. Now I really want to play games to try to lower my tax rate.

Overall, a good patch, keep up the good work Carbon!



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