AirMech – Patch 29731 Notes

AirMech – Patch 29731 Notes

Leaderboards are here! The first few test Leaderboards are live, and it’s important to understand this is a brand new system that should be considered in progress. We’ll have a lot more leaderboards in the future, and some fun rewards for being at the top of key ones.

It’s important to note that some event has to trigger an update to the leaderboards. This could be something that re-calculates your Faction Power, you completing a game, or some automated process. So inactive players won’t be submitting scores, which is why some may be missing. If you’re not up there for something, it just means you haven’t triggered an update event since that particular leaderboard was added. Over time, they will all fill in naturally.

The final Gothic skin has been released: Gothic Neo! The cool gothic flame effect from the others created a problem on Neo because of Stealth. We’ll figure out a solution for that, but in the mean time it’s not using that effect–and we’ll put it at 25% off for now as a result of this “defect”.

A number of balance changes requested by higher level players have been implemented this patch. Initial testing was positive, but as always it’s good to have input after a larger number of people have played with them. Leave us comments in the forums good or bad!

– New Neo Variant: Gothic Neo
– First Pass at Leaderboards – work in progress and will be more developed in future patches. Share you ideas on the forums!

Bug Fixes:
– Fixed a bug where the Nexus Paladin cargo pod wouldn’t appear when picking up units
– Fixed a bug where units could be placed on the scaffolding on Thar
– Fixed a bug where searching items in the Player Market would show gift-wrapped items
– Fix for dropping/lifting units on mines to trigger them
– Fix for AI ignoring Butcher (and sometimes other units attacking their fortress)
– Fix Fat Bat link
– Make the Glass Canister properly display as a consumable item
– Bug fix for ordering unit groups while holding group select
– Potential crash bug fix in some uncommon rendering code
– Bug fix for some AirMechs with extreme slower movement loadout penalties moving slower than they should

Balance Updates:
– Increase Death Ray energy use by 15%
– Reduce AirMech DPS and HP bonuses for leveling up to 3% per level (down from 5%)
– Reduce area of damage for Morty’s grenades
– Reduce blast damage on death of Morty and Flamer by half
– Mines now trigger instantly when a unit is dropped on them
– Mine arm time increased to 3 seconds

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