AirMech January Updates (Part 1)

BannerAirMech January Updates

After a long period of time, Carbon has finally gotten back to rolling out new updates for AirMech, expanding upon concepts previously introduced in the December patch. These new updates add new abilities to AirMechs, an updated version of the Duel map, as well as some changes to the unit cap system.

The new abilites expand the AirMech’s roles in combat. Osprey can now apply a healing buff to nearby friendly units with it’s Heal Nova, allowing it to quickly patch up an offensive push or make it’s defenses last slightly longer. The Bomber can now unleash a devastating new move, Whirlwind, which can terrorize his opponent’s units. Warthog can deploy a shield for himself in combat, granting him extra armor for a limited time. The Saucer can debuff his opponents, causing them to do less damage. And finally, the Neo can take out enemy radar completely for short periods of time.

Black Jetpack Cat has also been removed from the shop, as 1000 copies of it have been sold. Now they are an extremely limited collector’s item, making it arguably rarer than the Beta Bomber.

The Nanoforge has also been released, after it’s testing period with the Diamond VIPs. Now players over level 10 and with Silver VIP can craft new, previously unobtainable items such as Reindeer Skull and the Gold variants of the Football Helmet and TB’s Top Hat. It is also planned in the future to add more recipes, such as crafting multiple Book of Tax Shelters into a Book of Tax Avoidance. You can keep up with all of the latest Nanoforge news on the forums, located here:

Finally, there have been a lot of balance changes, such as lowering overall power, but lowering upkeep per unit to 1 upkeep for almost all units. This finally solves AirMech’s problem with infantry spam, and also gives distinct advantages to building all tanks rather than all light units. Tech units are also much easier to build, but are also much easier to destroy.

Overall, these updates were much needed. The balance changes are a huge step forward, and while there are a few issues that still need tweaking, for the most part a lot of the issues with AirMech have been solved. We look forward to the next patch!

Version 21222


  • Duel has been updated with new visuals
  • Salt has been updated with new visuals
  • New Bomber abilities: Whirlwind (Ctrl or Middle Mouse) and Energy Drain
  • Missile Burst ability has been added to the Helix
  • New Warthog abilities: Ammo and Power Shield
  • New Saucer ability: Debuff DPS
  • New Osprey abilities: Restore and Heal Nova
  • New Neo ability: Radar Disrupt
  • Armor ability added to the Paladin
  • More new sound effects
  • Black Jetpack Cat has been removed from the Shop (1000 have been sold)

Bug Fixes:

  • Fix so that FF2000 does not target outpost latched infantry
  • Fixed a bug where the displayed upgrade time for guardians wasn’t always correct
  • Fixed a bug regarding the tech display not showing correct info on UI
  • Fixed a bug where carried units would always drop when out of fuel

Balance Changes:

  • Most units now take 1 unit cap, and will have increased costs and build times instead
  • Bucky is a tiny bit more accurate
  • Increase AirMech Armor from 50 to 80 (all)
  • Decrease starting credits from 25,000 to 20,000

AirMech Version 22352.0


  • Nanoforge Quest added for VIPs over level 10
  • Football Helmet available and on sale for a limited time
  • Dragon Mask available and on sale for a limited time (Chinese New Year)

Bug Fixes:

  • Fix desync in previous build
  • Fix getting stuck on intro screen when clicking

Balance Changes:

  • Seekers and HAATs have been buffed a bit
  • AirMech Ground DPS increased across the board (late Sunday night change)

AirMech Version 22352.1

Balance Changes:

  • AirMech Ground DPS increased a bit
  • AirMech DPS vs units reduced a bit
  • Air speed of all AirMechs reduced by 3% (to give us some more room for speed bonuses)
  • Arty and Archy have been altered to be more simliar, with Arty doing more damage, and Archy having a longer range
  • Bertha given increased range
  • Many turrets have had their carry weight increased, to reflect their role as defensive units (this gives moving units more of an advantage in their flexibility)
  • Credits cap for players increased to 80,000
  • Bomber melee damage reduced by 8%

AirMech Version 22352.2

Balance Changes:

  • Goliath build time increased to 15 seconds from 12
  • Goliath cost increased to 14500 from 12000
  • Reduction in Tank (all) Armor at weak spot increased to 50 from 40


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