AirMech: Domination Damage and Auto-Build Patch

Carbon Games recently rolled out a new patch for AirMech with two new bold features: the return of Overtime Damage (now called Domination Damage) and the experimental Auto-Build Feature.

One of the most important features of this build, gameplay-wise, is Domination Damage. Now, when one team captures all of the outposts on the map, will receive the Domination Damage bonus, which deals a hefty amount of damage over time to the losing team’s Fortress after a 30-second warning timer. To compensate, the losing team gains double the Credits to give them a fighting chance, with the possibility of re-gaining an outpost and ending Domination. Previously, Domination would only cut off the losing team’s credit income, which had mixed success. However, with the huge incentive to capture all outposts on the map, hopefully gameplay strategies will shift back to the main focus of AirMech: map control.

The new Auto-Build feature is, at best, an interesting concept. While it is cool to see a tank roll out of your main Fortress, overall Auto-Build is largely useless, and can be quite aggravating to more experienced players if their teammates don’t have it disabled. I hope Carbon figures out a way to make this feature more useful (perhaps units made with Auto-Build have decreased costs/build times?).

All forms of Matchmaking are now in place, allowing you to choose from 1v1, 2v2, and 3v3! What’s more, Matchmaking 3.0 is now live, making online play much smoother.

Units have also been rebalanced once again, reverting back to the “heavy units take more power” concept. This greatly cuts down on the Goliath spam that was so prevalent in the last few balance states.

Finally, this patch adds some UI improvements and some more updated artwork for the game. The new artwork feels more unique and fleshed out, and hopefully we’ll get to see all of the art updated in the patches to come. Keep up the good work, Carbon!

  • New Auto-Build feature (can be disabled in Game Settings)
  • Domination Damage: holding all Outposts on the map will do direct damage to the enemy Fortress
  • Enabled more Matchmaking Options (1v1, 2v2, or 3v3)
  • Individual Unit Upkeep values: indicated by number of blocks on the ingame UI
  • Dots shown on ground indicating how many units are carried and exactly where they will be dropped
  • Camera will offset in direction of shooting (can be disabled in Video Settings)
  • New “Window Size” video resolution, highly recommended for best visuals
  • Improvements to visual quality when non-fullscreen window is resized
  • Change font from Roboto to Exo 2 to try and find something that works better for lower resolutions (might keep trying new fonts)
  • Changes to a number of Challenges to make them better at teaching new players how to play
  • New (non-Achievement) Quest for Diamond VIPs: collect your DVIP Club Card for monthly perks
  • Damage number color now indicates how much damage is being done after the Armor calculation (Yellow < 40%, Orange 40-80%, Red 80-100%)
  • Healing numbers now sink instead of float (potentially helping with red-green colorblindness)
  • Reworked Secure Outpost behavior to make it more consistent
  • Updated Natasha art
  • Updated Erik art
  • Updated Samson art
  • Updated Kira art
  • Tweaked Raven art
  • Simplified Shop landing page for new players to explain Silver VIP benefits
Bug Fixes:
  • fix of Armor values not working on Outposts
  • fix bug where carry weights were not set properly for AirMech classes
  • multiple Tech Pods will no longer build if you repeat build a super unit
  • fixed an uncommon crash when changing video quality settings
  • can no longer rez flying units
Balance Changes:
  • increase HP of Infantry when occupying Outposts
  • increase DPS of AirMechs on ground vs other AirMechs by approx 10%
Known Issues:
  • because of changes in the Queue, all Matchmaking games show as 1 star Elo games in the watch tab
  • 3 player Coop doesn’t work right, instead puts you in 2 player


InvaderMEEN is newer to the scene of moba games, and although he enjoys playing titles such as AirMech, Awesomenauts, and League of Legends, he isn't terribly good at them. He also is a YouTuber who enjoys posting content frequently. Outside of the moba genre he is a jack-of-all-trades gamer who plays a wide variety of genres, from shooters like Warframe and Battlefield 3 to creative games like Minecraft and Terraria.

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