AirMech: the Devastator Patch


AirMech: the Devastator Patch

After months of teasing, Carbon has finally unveiled the new super-unit: the Devastator. It costs as much as 3 Goliaths, and does massive damage and soaks an unbelievable amount of fire. It is perfect for ending stalemates in larger team matches, but be warned: they are a huge investment of resources.

Also included in this patch is reworks for the Saucer and Angel, which not only make them more viable on the battlefield but also add to their unique play styles. The Saucer’s ultimate can now teleport units from the build queue to it’s cargo hold, allowing for new airdrop tactics. The Angel has lost the Afterburner ability in exchange for a new Railgun Overcharger ultimate, which super-powers her sniper rifle and adds innate energy regen. She also receives an improved Glide ability.

Finally, the last major addition is some new art and UI updates. Examples of this are the new portraits for Raven, Hawk, and Mako.

Overall, a pretty decent patch. Keep it up, Carbon!

  • New Unit: Devastator – ultra heavy tank that hits for massive damage (definitely over 9000)
  • New Saucer Ultimate Ability – Teleport units from the build queue to your cargo hold!
  • New Neo Ultimate Ability – Confuse nearby missiles into selecting new targets!
  • New Angel Ultimate Ability – Hyper Rail greatly increases Sniper Rifle damage (work in progress, visuals/sound not final)
  • Whole bunch of new Parts, which will be dropping and craftable with the Nanoforge
  • Rework of Challenge maps to make them better for new players learning the game
  • New art for some pilots
  • Larger and brighter friend inspect dialog, possibly customizable in the future
  • Ability Bar Icons now require deliberate click to activate (mouse-up only won’t trigger them)
  • Stop mouse from forcing position on game launch
  • Event Feed first pass added to the game (view in Social tab more easily)

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed a rare crash when sending too many units to attack
  • AI bugfixes

Balance Changes:

  • Angel Pistol (primary) Damage increased 50%
  • Angel Pistol (primary) Damage starts to falloff at 40% of max range
  • Bomber Does 25% less damage to Outposts
  • Osprey Does 18% more damage to Outposts
  • Only Tech 1 is needed to build any of the Super units now
  • Tech Pod build time increased to 10 seconds from 8
  • Jumper Cost increased to 1100 from 900
  • Jumper HP reduced to 210 from 250
  • Jumper DPS decreased to 60 from 63
  • Flamer Cost increased to 990 from 600
  • Flamer HP Decreased to 300 from 350
  • Sergeant Cost increased to 1400 from 1200
  • Sergeant DPS decreased to 60 from 65
  • Sergeant Weapon Penetration reduced to 30 from 35
  • Roller Cost increased to 9800 from 8000
  • Roller Weapon Penetration increased to 20 from 45
  • Grinder Cost increased to 12000 from 11000
  • Grinder Weapon Penetration increased to 90 from 85
  • Grinder DPS decreased to 250 from 300
  • Seeker Range decreased to 24 from 28
  • Seeker Armor decreased to 70 from 85
  • Seeker Missile lifetime decreased to 3.2 from 3.5
  • T99 Missile lifetime decreased to 3.2 from 3.5
  • Flakker DPS increased to 180 from 150


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