Admiral Swiggins Open Beta Analysis

swigginsOn July 31 Ronimo Games released a 24-hour open beta as long as an hour-long stream for the upcoming fan-made character Admiral Swiggins in honour of their one year anniversary for the PC version of Awesomenauts.  Channfree the creator of Admiral Swiggins joined the devs in the stream to play using his own character.  In this build Admiral Swiggins is “more like alpha” according to the devs.  This means all sound has not been recorded, some animations have not been implemented yet, bugs are everywhere and yes that also means the character is barely balanced at all.  The 24-hour beta included access to all play modes including online public matches and private online matches.  The beta code(HappyBetaToYou) was given after the end of an hour-long stream showcasing the character.  During the stream the devs answered many questions about the next patch and the character and even answered some off-topic questions.  The devs have not revealed any skins for Admiral Swiggins’ release but have told us gaming Youtuber Myndflame will be voicing this new character.  The beta may be over now but we have a lot of information from it.


The 5 finalists for the Admiral Swiggins art contest.  Each voter rated each drawing from 1-5.  The design that won(first from the left) did so with a total of 7533 points.  Second place(middle) had a total of 6587 points.


Admiral Swiggins has the classic 2 skills.  His first skill is called Anchor Dive.  Anchor dive allows Admiral Swiggins to shoot his anchor in a straight line.  If the anchor hits anything(surfaces, other Awesomenauts etc.) Swiggins is pulled to that position.  If the anchor hits an enemy Awesomenaut the anchor does 20 damage.  Anchor dive can be used as a great escape mechanism as well as an initiation tool allowing Swiggins to get in close to use his Anchor Drop or latching the hook to walls and floors to escape.

His second skill, Anchor Drop is a very unique ability.  Swiggins throws his anchor in an arch and the nearest enemy Awesomenaut within a certain range will be leashed to the anchor. When Swiggins uses this skill he loses his anchor meaning he cannot use his other skill and his auto-attack is changed from an anchor whack to an ink shot.  The ink does much less damage than the anchor and is a ranged attack.  Admiral Swiggins also becomes slightly faster and lighter without his anchor.  Swiggins can pick up the dropped anchor as long as it is not chained to an enemy. After a certain amount of time or if the anchor is destroyed the anchor is automatically returned to Swiggins.  This is an amazing initiation tool as it allows Swiggins to restrict an enemy’s movement allowing for characters like Clunk to easily deal their high burst damage to the enemy. Admiral Swiggins is very vulnerable after using this skill however and if you cannot pick up your anchor you won’t be able to do much until you get it back.


Admiral Swiggins is going to be Awesomenauts’ first initiator specific class meaning he will be the one starting off the team fights and ganks using disables.  With low damage output from his skills Admiral Swiggins must rely on his team to deal any major damage.  He becomes even more team reliant when he uses his main initiation skill Anchor Drop as it makes him unable to use abilities and gives him a weaker auto-attack.  Although Admiral Swiggins is vulnerable by himself he has great escape mechanisms and a nice amount of HP making him tough to take down.  Swiggins also has a nice hover ability similar to Princess Peach in the Smash Brothers series enabling him to stay in the air for longer periods of time.  Swiggins can definitely be hard to kill at first but once he drops his anchor he is in a very vulnerable state.

Final Verdict

Admiral Swiggins is a fairly team reliant character who specializes in team fights and ganks.  His anchor drop allows you to restrict the mobility of an enemy and burst them down quickly.  If facing him the best bet to killing him is waiting for him to use his Anchor Drop and then killing him in his weakened state.  Bugs and balance issues aside  Admiral Swiggins feels like a very powerful character and will probably change the metagame a lot.

In case you missed it here is the stream.





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