League Of Legends – AD Thresh Guide

League Of Legends – AD Thresh Guide

It’s for another guide of mine, this time its AD Thresh. First i tried to play with AP Thresh, but that didn’t work out, since he has horrible AP scaling on his abilities except the Ultimate. After that i started to brainstorm viable builds for Thresh and think, which are suitable options.


I feel that Thresh could just use basic ADC runes, but you could also pick 8% Magic penetration, since half of the damage you will be dealing will come as Magic damage, also other viable option is to pick AP Penetration boots for thresh, but i think there is better boot choices in this game currently. Although on masteries ive selected below outclude the magic penetration, since i didn’t try it out in this guide.


Item Builds

I think AD Thresh is mostly based on “On hit effects” items, so thats why i will be heavily recommending attack speed items. I know that you could possibly go this very low attack speed build since (E) does more damage if you wait, but i don’t think that will pay out good as attack speed build. You can sell boots later for a Zephyr, once you got full gear.


Not much to tell here, same stuff you use for ADC really. Although since Thresh gathers armor from souls, you’re not required to take Armor flats on yellows, what i could suggest is to take armor per level, which will give you more boost on lategame. As for Quintessences you must take Lifesteal to get better laning phase, especially laning without a healer in this game. As for glyphs take magic resistance per level and reds flat AD.

Final Thoughts & Viability

Out of my previous guides i would say thresh is hardest and there is no guarantee it will play out, you can actually miss a lot of hooks in this build, since you don’t need it to make plays necessary, but in lategame this could be essential. Never initiate team fight when your playing as ADC thresh, when you’re playing Top then its fine.

I appreciate feedback long as it is constructive, if this guide helped you like the video or even subscribe i have more guides coming up really soon.



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